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Weegclubfan voor het leven

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(13 Tulips)

◾13 large cherry tomatoes
◾14 stalks of chives
◾200g cottage cheese
◾1 cucumber
◾½ teaspoon dried basil

I went for thirteen tulips as it is said that bouquets should have an odd number of flowers. They are a beautiful and decorative snack. It is very easy to prepare them, although it requires a bit of work and time, but the effect is worth the effort.


Dice the cucumber very finely or grate. Stir in cheese and basil, season with salt and pepper. Cut a cross shape on the top of each tomato. Make holes for the salks at the bottoms of tomatoes. Fill in tomatoes with the mixture of cottage cheese, cucumber and spices. Stick these on the stalks, place on a plate and tie this bouquet with the last one.

Simple, isn??t it?Lach

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